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Agents Of SHIELD: Jemma’s Best Outfits

Jemma Simmons plays an important role in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as the team’s biochemist, but her true role is that of being the heart of the team; the glue that binds everyone together. Jemma’s femininity is often represented through her wardrobe, which more often than not expresses story and emotions that aren’t typically voiced on-screen thanks to costume designers Ann Foley, Amanda Riley, Whitney Galitz, and Christian Chanell. While Jemma’s looks range from preppy to classic, her wardrobe never sexualizes her and is often practical for a workplace—something else that is unfortunately rarely seen in media.

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With a total of seven seasons, we’ve decided to take a look back at Jemma’s greatest looks over the years, and, with a constantly evolving and beautiful wardrobe, it was difficult to land on a decision (truly, even in real life, Elizabeth Henstridge is an icon, especially with her style, just check her Instagram). But, like Jemma always does, we rose to the occasion.

Updated By Amanda Bruce On November 5th, 2020: With Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. having completed airing its final season, it’s time to take a look deeper into Jemma’s wardrobe choices. She remains one of the characters fans love to cosplay – or simply use as their own style inspiration – so even more of her best looks have been added, including some from her final appearances in the series.

15 Dr. Simmons’ Cardigan (S1E14)

Simmons And Fitz In Agents Of SHIELD S1E14

The season one episode “TAHITI” picks up immediately after the undercover mission of the episode prior. With Skye’s life hanging in the balance, and her blood all over her hands, Jemma had to take a moment to change her clothing and assess the situation.

Despite not being a medical doctor, she was the one in charge of making sure Skye survived. That meant she needed clothes she could think in, not clothes she could fight in. Jemma chose a comfortable grey cardigan and one of her signature printed button-downs from the early seasons. The bright purple and white polka dots contrasted with the grey of the cardigan but didn’t take away from the seriousness of the situation. The outfit was a consistent choice with her fun season one mixed prints, but it also appeared to be a little more casual than her earlier picks.

14 Classic Black & White (S5E01)

Coulson And Simmons In Agents Of SHIELD S5E01

In the fifth season premiere of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., most of the team found themselves in a new place – the future. Though their clothing would change over the episodes that followed as they blended in, Jemma’s original outfit was a simple white top and black blazer, paired with black pants.

It might have been one of the simplest looks Jemma sported in the entire series as so many of her outfit choices involved patterned tops jewel tones, or even tactical gear. Given that she was also wearing it in the season four finale when the team was picked up for their new adventure, it made the perfect work-to-dinner outfit. The look is one of the easiest for fans of the show to replicate.

13 Matching Shirt & Tie (S1E09)

Jemma And Fitz In Agents Of SHIELD S1E09

“Repairs” isn’t a favorite episode for every fan, but it certainly gave us a great look for Jemma. Season one saw a lot of the clothing Fitz and Simmons wore included a lot of colors, prints, and ties. As the duo matured over the course of the show, the prints changed and the ties were lost (especially in the wake of Fitz’s brain trauma).

A blue and white striped top with a matching tie isn’t something everyone would be able to pull off. Paired with a basic blue cardigan and a pair of pearl earrings, however, it’s perfect for Jemma as she worked to find her style.

12 Peggy Carter Disguise (S7E03)

Coulson And Simmons In Agents of SHIELD S7E03

Peggy Carter, one of the founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D., was one of Jemma’s heroes. She gushed about Peggy’s accomplishments when she found files from her in the second season, but the final season of the show gave her the chance to walk in her shoes.

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When Jemma and the LMD version of Coulson needed to get onto a secure base in the ’50s, Jemma dressed as Peggy, using her identity to get access to employees. She wore the same shade of blue Peggy opened Agent Carter with, though this time in a suit instead of a dress. The red lipstick really completed the look.

11 Space Comfort (S7E13)

Jemma And Fitz In Agents Of SHIELD S7E13 Flashback

Objectively speaking, this particular ensemble wasn’t one of Jemma’s most stylish, and it probably won’t be replicated often by cosplayers. It was, however, unique for Jemma, and gave the audience a new perspective on her.

The oversized green sweater was worn when fans were treated to flashbacks of where Fitz and Simmons were before Jemma returned to rescue the team at the end of the sixth season. This outfit isn’t one she had to wear in the field, and it’s not one she put together to make herself look professional. This is what Jemma wore when she felt at home, for comfort, on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere, with her husband as they prepared to raise their child and save the human race.

10 Undercover Look (S3E18)

In an episode hailed as the FitzSimmons episode, Jemma and Fitz went undercover to find Holden Radcliffe while exploring their newly romantic relationship, which meant an episode full of shippy delight and trope-y goodness—and a wardrobe overhaul for the usually humbly styled Fitz and Simmons.

It’s no surprise that an episode partially dedicated to Jemma and Fitz consummating their relationship (or “crossing the event horizon,” as these two nerdy lovebirds call it) has Jemma wearing an eye-catching scarlet jacket. In color theory, red represents romance and passion, and white (the color of her shirt) can represent new beginnings and peacefulness—an apt combination for Jemma’s state of mind going into this season three episode.

9 Wedding Dress (S5E12)

Speaking of the color white and new beginnings, Jemma wore an absolutely stunning dress at what has probably been the most stressful wedding ever aired on television. Nothing terrible actually went down, fans were just conditioned to expect that from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jemma looked like a princess out of a fairytale as she and Fitz finally tied the knot in the best lit scene S.H.I.E.L.D. has ever had—enough so that Fitz was almost at a loss for words and forgot if he was wearing a kilt or not. Although Jemma made the comment that the dress was pinned in many different places in order for it to fit her, it was a perfect gown for her and Fitz’s beautiful wedding.

8 White Blouse With Lace (S3E19)

This is one of Jemma’s wardrobe choices that told a story. For the majority of season three, Jemma’s clothing reflected her state of mind as she recovered from the trauma of being stranded on an alien planet for six months. She began favoring loose, comfortable clothing often paired with a hoodie speculated by fans to have belonged to Fitz.

Gone were the days of simple print blouses and sweaters, fun colors, and even jewelry and makeup were underplayed to highlight that Jemma’s priorities were elsewhere. However, this episode saw a turning point, as Jemma had finally begun to properly heal from her trauma: she was finally in a relationship with Fitz, and she was enjoying being back in her own lab—and playing around with her wardrobe.

7 Printed Blouse & Sweater (S2E22)

In the second season, we saw Jemma playing with printed blouses paired with sweaters and leather jackets—each more successful than the last. In the final episode, we found Jemma in a cute cardigan and a cream-colored print blouse that perfectly contrasted each other, while simultaneously drawing attention to Jemma’s cute new haircut.

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Although, we doubt Jemma would agree with choosing this as one of her best outfits. After all, it was the outfit she was wearing when she wound up stranded on Maveth—and items from this outfit would later appear in season six in Jemma’s mind as part of her “dark” self.

6 Red Sweater (S1E03)

Back in Jemma’s preppy days, she favored cute and colorful items in her wardrobe and accessories, and even Converse shoes in the pilot. By the third episode, Jemma’s palette wasn’t dulling at all, and she presented us with one of her cutest outfits yet: a beautiful polka dot blouse paired with a red sweater and a necktie.

It’s criminally underrated within the episode, as there are very few decent, lingering shots on Jemma as she wears it. It’s probably Jemma’s most fun outfit of the entire season, if not the entire show.

5 Rose Printed Sweater (S1E07)

The seventh episode of the series, “The Hub,” is a gem full of comic relief and development for both Fitz and Simmons and marks the first time the two have ever been separated on a mission—remember those days? Weren’t they nice?—something they both handle to varying degrees of success.

Due to Victoria Hand’s shady nature, Jemma and Daisy were reasonably concerned for Fitz and Ward’s safety. While espionage may not have been Jemma’s forté at the time, she had no problems with style. This outfit is definitely a favorite due in part to the contrast of colors and simple pink highlights to the overall look, giving an exemplary look at Jemma’s evolving wardrobe. She began to favor styles more like this one for the rest of the season.

4 Fuchsia Blouse (S4E04)

Season four found Jemma’s style decidedly more grown-up and mature, representative of the power she amassed off-screen in the time jump between seasons. Jemma became the head of the science division after the government took over S.H.I.E.L.D. and worked under Director Jeffery Mace as his right-hand woman.

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In this episode, Jemma wore a gorgeous fuchsia blouse and fitted blazer with a neat trim—a new style she favored in the earlier days of season four. She wore a similar outfit later in the season with a blue blouse instead, but the fuchsia commanded attention. That’s fitting since this is the same episode she blackmailed Mace to get out of an obligatory polygraph test.

3 Navy & White Contrast Blouse (S2E17)

Left alone in a S.H.I.E.L.D caught in a civil war with itself, Jemma found herself playing the part of a loyal agent while secretly helping Fitz get away with vital intel for Coulson.

Despite her dreary circumstances, Jemma still managed to bring some chic looks onto our television screens, such as with this navy contrast trim blouse. It drew just enough attention to Jemma’s face with the white collar that we got to admire her pretty curls.

2 Printed Blouse (S4E04)

When S.H.I.E.L.D went public again, Jemma and Fitz began searching for residence outside of HQ. With Fitz busy working in the Lab and helping Radcliffe, Jemma took it upon herself to take a look at a reasonably-priced apartment—only to find a wounded Daisy there in need of help.

Continuing her professional attire of season four, Jemma wore a pretty black and beige printed shirt, dress pants, and accompanying blazer.  Every item of this outfit feels both natural and thought out, resulting in a classy and classic look that is a helpful reminder to the audience that, despite her fantastical adventures, Jemma was still a working woman.

1 Colorblock Sweater (S2E03)

At the beginning of season two, it’s revealed that Jemma inexplicably left S.H.I.E.L.D, which left fans scratching heads until the third episode (“Making Friends and Influencing People”) revealed Jemma was working undercover at Hydra to gather information for Coulson.

We got a glimpse at Jemma’s daily routine set to the jaunty tune of “God Help The Girl” by Catherine Ireton as she got ready for work. The entire scene had such positive vibes that it’s automatically life goals (except for the working with Hydra bit), but what really threw the scene into excellency was Jemma’s cute colorblock sweater that looked both professional and comfortable.

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